From Directors Desk

Director's Message

Welcome to our world. ‘A culture of pride and respect’ has characterized Modern Ways Model School since 1969 and we strive to uphold the values that represent the ideal learning place. This means that we embrace traditions of civility and compassion while aspiring to accelerate excellence in all our endeavors. We intend to create a happy, caring, and supportive environment in which the education of each child can flourish both from the privileged and underprivileged sections. We aim to provide a broad curriculum to nurture growth in intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, social, aesthetic, and emotional facets. We recognize that the rate of development in each of these areas varies from child to child, therefore our curriculum and teaching methods are designed to help each child realize his or her maximum potential. The students are credited to themselves and the school. They form a respectful and hard-working community. There is real flavour on industry and ambition here.

Modern Ways is a high-achieving school. The examination results continue to go from strength to strength. The classrooms, corridors, and display areas are a vibrant celebration of student’s work and achievements. We work closely with parents and involve them fully in what their wards are studying, how they are performing, and setting targets for further progress. Our staff is talented, well qualified, experienced, and committed to helping all our pupils. I believe that pupils are their best when those around expect high standards and when they consistently experience teaching which is stimulating, challenging, and enthusiastic. I very much look forward to join you to build a partnership that will prepare your child for adulthood over the coming years.

I hope you will take the opportunity of visiting the school and seeing for yourself the high-quality resources that the school can offer to your ward. Please do not hesitate to contact us.