From Directors Desk


The school is geared up with an excellent infrastructure that is essential in creating a suitable environment for the process of learning. The spacious and serene 2 acres campus enables the student community to feel the inspiring touch of mother nature that leaves them with a sound and sharp mind for their studies.

Along the corridor are the grades I to XII with Pre-nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G. There is a buzz of excitement and activity in the air. Following the latest trends the thematic-inter-disciplinary approach have been adopted. The curriculum encourages children to explore their interests, as they move gradually from the familiar to the unknown scope in social skills of adaptability and team work.

The curriculum addresses the uniqueness of each child and provides exposure beyond the academic role play, dance, music, field trips, sports and a range of hobby interests add new dimensions to the growth of the child.

Our faculty is experienced in the fields of early childhood education and child development. In addition to this all members of staff participate in continuous in-service training by experienced trainers and take part in curriculum design and implementation, assessment strategies and classroom management as well.

Our school has classrooms which have direct access to the corridor. They are well lighted and well ventilated. The library, science lab, language lab, smart class, art room all are designed with great care according to the needs of the students. The large playing field and playground area are well used by all our children.

The school building and ground are under NO SMOKING ZONE. The CCTVs installation in the school compound has made it more secured and well supervised. These CCTVs not only keep an eye on the activities in the classrooms but also on the ground.


Classrooms are large and have windows that flood rooms with light and fresh air. All areas incorporate open space that allows children to freely move around and select how they want to work. Walls are decorated with children’s work, given a strong sense of ownership and pride; ‘they like what they do here. They think its important as its on ‘display’. Play area contain a wide range of child-friendly equipments plus an extensive section of natural fauna and flora.

Laboratories & Computer Lab

With a practical approach to learning the school is getting equipped with full fledged laboratories in Computer, Physics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences.


Keeping in mind the criteria that the success of educational reforms depends on the qualitative imparting of education, creative, competent and professionally qualified teachers are recruited. The teachers, working as closely knit community have prompted excellent work culture of the highest professional standards.

The staff members are provided with the supportive and congenial work atmosphere and the orientation programmes under the aegis of the staff development programme, have always prompted the right motivation competency and above all, helped in updating the staff with the latest methodologies of classroom teaching thereby enabling them to give their professional best.


The Library is well stocked with a plethora of books from various disciplines. Children are fascinated by the world of books and are encouraged to read, go through pictures, narrate and discuss themes and facts. A library hour is scheduled for each grade and it is ensured that children make the most of this hour. Video tapes, a picture library, CDs and audio tapes form the rest of the collection in the library. Children are encouraged to make use of the library for all references. Being an open self-help library, children are free to pick up and browse through any book.


We do not believe that for the growth and development of a personality only mental development is necessary the physical health is also an important aspect of full grown individual to encourage and create awareness among new generation for health and utilization of their recreation time our sports department plays an important role We encourage our students to use their skills and extra energy in Sports like volley ball, Badminton, Cricket, Kho-Kho and athletics according to there skills and stamina and well we hae indoor games to develop there minds like chess, Scrabble and Carom Board.

Smart Learn Class Rooms

As we want too keep the pace with the new Trends of education i.e. making learning fun rather than burden we believe in naturalistic view point that the mind can be developed only in a free environment a n for that the senses should be conditioned for this our Smart learn class room provider the child the environment where he learns with the senses whose impact remains everlasting and develops understanding of concept easy and interesting.

Knowing Kindergarten Way

Walk by our kindergarten section. It is vibrant with colours, music and joy of activity-centered learning. Classrooms are furnished with customized furniture, bright visuals, display boards, an array of nursery equipment, in fact everything to beguile the little learners. The warmth and supportive atmosphere is replicated.

• Caring and qualified staff.

• Excellent teacher-pupil ratio.

• Safe, clean facility.

• Working in partnership with peer groups, faculty and parents.

• A complete schedule of activities.

• Bulletin Board displays, role play, story telling puppetry etc.

• Afternoon lunch will be provided if needed.

"Peak to Peak" Is Our Motto. Welcome To Our World !!!