Tribute To Sh. Jag Sachdeva, Founder Member

Sh. Jag Sachdeva, the Founder member who used to say “Excellence does not occur without discipline”. And his disciplined life and vision brought the Institution to this height. You guided us all these years and without your hard work and vision, we would have never reached so far. Although you are not with us, your blessings and directions are still with us.

Let’s hope to have his enthusiasm, kindness, and vision among us.

Prompted by the impulse of God and being sensitive to the concrete needs of the time Mr. Jag Sachdeva and Mrs. Raj Sachdeva started the school. Their mission was to dedicate themselves to the instruction, education, and formation of young men and women. While branching their ideas they decided to set up an educational institute in Chandigarh.

Let Noble Thoughts Come To Us From Every Side - RIGVEDA

The idea was welcome for the aspiration of the people could be realized. Thus MODERN WAYS MODEL SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL was established under the able guidance of Mr. Jag Sachdeva. The setting up of the school was a daunting task. The C.B.S.E. pattern was adopted following N.C.E.R.T. guidelines. Brick by brick the school was laying a strong foundation for its future growth. Year after year new classes were added.

The school has been fortunate that in all the phases of its development the most suitable Principal was at the helm of its affair. Mrs. Raj Sachdeva nursed the fledgling school and took meticulous care in all the details of its functioning. She is an icon of love and affection. Under her able guidance, the school has grown to further heights. With her warm and caring attitude and ample life experience, the school has become a happy family with the students, parents, and teachers. The main aim in every body’s mind when he or she enters the school premises remain to make the school one of the best educational institute in Chandigarh.