About Us

The Modern Way Educational Society (Regd.) had started a School in the name of Modern Ways Model School,Sector 29-C,Chandigarh. The School aims to give high value education to meet the current challenges of high standards and all round development of the child in education, sports, yoga, culture and extra curricular activities from the Lower Kindergarten to Tenth standard level in CBSE syllabus. It provides a loving & caring environment in the learning activities. It also makes the child interact with other children through co-operative learning.
  • Looking to the better future of a child, we have introduced the Pre-School programme.
  • To develop unity among the students from different religions, languages and culture.
  • To provide suitable environment to encourage studies.
  • To eliminate inferiority complex among students.
  • To develop good communication skills among students.
  • To build an innovative mind set among students.
The School aims to provide high quality facilities and healthy environment for the all-round development of the child.
Nurturing Values...
Education has been undergoing a sea of change over the decades. In the past it was considered as a tool for getting a job. Today, it is not just a mean for achieving a suitable job. Every parent wants his/her child to grow into a perfect gentleman from a shy or a noisy child after completing education. It is an undisputable fact that education gets high status in the society irrespective of their financial position. The corollary is also true. However financially sound you are, you will never get due recognition if you don't have proper education.
Education is a sort of oxygen for prestigious social living. So the school started its mission almost 40 years back. Now people behind the mission can proudly wear the recognition from CBSE, New Delhi as a proof of faultless effort and unbridled dedication they have put up. Having completely constructed the infrastructure for secondary education, the school is now all set to venture into senior secondary education. Efforts are going on at full stretch to start plus one and plus two classes within next two years. This will be a relief for parents after high school.
Imparting the values of knowledge...
Very high quality teaching is assured in ModernWays Model High School right from the Kindergarten itself. Teachers invariably use multimedia facilities like SMART LEARN CLASS ROOMS and Audio Visual Laboratory to convey better idea about the subjects to the students. Science subjects are taught with the aid of simple models and pictures. To make children speak English fluently and confidently, the school uses learning tools Students are provided with an opportunity to construct models and create charts from what they learn.
As IT is the buzzword of today's world, the school tries level best to keep up with the times by initiating IT training. Computer education starts in this school from the first standard onwards. The school has Internet facility and teachers guide students through World Wide Web. Video Conferencing, Multimedia lab, slide projector and 16 mm movie projector are also used to enhance the understanding of the students about the particular subjects.
Classes are conducted by well-qualified and efficient faculty. The classrooms are spacious and specially designed furniture is provided in each classroom. Strength of a class is stipulated to just 40 students. This helps teachers to concentrate more on each student. Students are admitted after an entrance test.
Seats are reserved for economically weaker sections of the Society as per the Government.
In keeping with the philosophy of exploring the unknown, the physical environment at our school is a highly effective teaching tool and much planning goes into its creation. Adequate facilities are provided in the school campus.